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What’s the fastest way to sell your car online?

Selling a car online is a slow process. And if you need cash fast, selling your car online is and not the right choice for you. First, you need to know what site to list your car on. Then you need to clean your car up and take attractive photos. You’ll need to write a compelling description of your car. Then you need to figure out how to approach her photos create a profile and keep track of all the inquiries you get. Finally, you’d need to go through the process of communicating with and waiting for a potential buyer to decide. It takes time for them to get to you to see the car and then to decide whether they want to buy your car or not. In the time it takes to do all that you can have cash in-hand if you talk to a junk car buyer like us. Here are three reasons why you should sell your car to us.

Get a great price for your car.

Even if your car is not running, we will pay you a good price for your dues for junk of vehicle. We’re interested in the car parts as opposed to finding a car that we can fix and resell on the used car market.

No more dealing with the scam buyers.

When you communicate with us online by phone and in person, you’re dealing with a legitimate business. You don’t have to worry about attracting spammers who are looking for anything but a car that so often happens on some of the popular listing websites.

Speedy Cash for Cars in Chula Vista

Call us today and stop getting the run-around from individual buyers with unrealistic expectations. We use our own cash, so you don’t have to wait on buyer financing. And since we want your car now, we offer free towing. There’s absolutely no cost to sell your car to us.